Whether you use your computer for business, pleasure, gaming, streaming movies, or any other reason – here at Valtech, we are happy to diagnose and remedy any problems you might be having. Services range from virus removal, problems with startup, blue screen of death, upgrades of all types (RAM, Hard Drive, Video Card, Sound Card, etc.), and a range of optimization procedures to keep you running at full speed as soon as possible.
Desktop PC and Mac Repair


If your hard disk crashed, got damaged, or otherwise failed and you are facing a data loss situation, your data is inaccessible, missing or corrupted and you need hard drive recovery, Valtech can retrieve and repair your data quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the integrity of the data, no matter how failure occurred or how it was lost in the first place.


Here at Valtech, we service all brands of laptop, notebook, and netbook computers. Services range from screen repair, keyboard and mouse related issues, startup problems, virus and malware removal, and motherboard repair.
Two Laptop Computers


Have a laptop that won’t start unless the power cable is wiggled or at an angle. Does it run off battery power but not AC? And does it randomly charge or switch between battery and AC power? If so, you're facing one of the most common issues faced, a bad computer port / DC jack. Unfortunately, there's no way around it, you'll need to replace it. Instead of paying out the nose for having it repaired, call us at Valtech and let us fix it for a mere fraction of the price that others charge.